The Big Four Beaches on Culebra


There are four main sandy beaches on different sides of the island. There are also a number of smaller, less known beaches and snorkel beaches with beautiful reefs to explore. Lack of respect for the reefs have contributed to their destruction. When visiting any of these places, please follow these guidelines to help protect these natural resources.

Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach is the most famous and well-known beach on the island. Its half mile crescent of powdery, white sand extends along the north side of the island facing the Caribbean Sea. It’s famous for its calm, clear water perfect for sun bathing and swimming. Culebra was used for military exercises until the 1970s. The remnants of these activities are still there today, including two colorfully painted tanks along the beach.

The beach is by far the most commercial beach on Culebra and includes designated swimming areas, a parking lot, life guards, as well as multiple kiosks where you can purchase food, beverages, and items like sunscreen and sandals. There is even a beach camping area with showers and restrooms.

How do I get to Flamenco Beach?

Flamenco Beach is a short two and a half mile jaunt from Casita Tropical. If you rented a car or golf cart, it is easy enough to drive. Otherwise you can walk, bike, or take a taxi. Please see the list of available taxis here. Rates are subject to change, so make sure to ask about it when you get here.

How much does Flamenco Beach cost?

For nonresidents, it costs a small fee, under $5, to spend the day at Flamenco Beach. There has been some construction work in the parking lot recently, so please call about beach details.

Beach Regulations

No glass bottles are allowed on the beach. Please pick up after yourselves!

Zoni Beach

Zoni Beach from the hillside in Culebra

Overlooking Zoni

Zoni Beach is usually less crowded than Flamenco. Like Flamenco, Zoni is a white powder beach and is famous as a sea turtle nesting ground. Unlike Flamenco, there are no life guards or kiosks, so if you mean to spend the day, you’ll want to pack refreshments. This beach is free to visit.

How do I get to Zoni Beach?

While there are a lot more hills, you can drive to Zoni Beach. It’s about a five mile drive from Casita Tropical on PR-250. On your way, be sure to stop by the Museo de Culebra to learn a little about the islands history.

Brava Beach

Brava Beach in Culebra Puerto Rico

Brava Beach – A Remote Yet Beautiful Destination

Playa Brava (Brava Beach) is an isolated beach the north shore shore, and you’ll have to do a little bit of light hiking. A trail that winds through the forest which takes about 25 minutes to walk, but it’s worth the adventure. There are no life guards or other facilities here, and the waters are characterized by strong rip currents that can daunt the strongest swimmers. We advise you to bring at least one other person so you can watch out for each other. It also doesn’t cost any money to visit.

Brava Beach Trail on Culebra Puerto Rico

The Trail Leading to Brava Beach

How exactly do I get to this so-called “Brava Trail”?

Brava Beach is about three miles from the guesthouse.

Resaca Beach

Resaca is the fourth of the big beaches on our list, and its probably one of the most difficult to reach. To get there, you’ll be taking a 40 minute hike down a steep winding trail found at the peak of Mount Resaca through the “Resaca Boulder Forest.” There is limited cell phone reception, so we recommend hiking with a partner.

Unlike the characteristically calm waters you can find at Flamenco and Zoni, Resaca is rocky with tumultuous waves and strong currents. It has a remote, wild feel to it. As it is not easy to get to by land or by sea, there is a strong possibility that you’ll have the beach to yourself, so the challenge of hiking there has its rewards. There are few tall trees to offer shade, so make sure to bring sunscreen.

Resaca Beach is another important turtle nesting site on the island.

The beach is doesn’t cost anything to visit other than your time and perseverance.

How do I get to the Reseca Trail?

Casita Tropical is located at the base of Mount Resaca. You can either hike or drive to the trail head from the guesthouse.

Updated 02-18-2021


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