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There are many different ways to get to the island of Culebra. We set up this page to help make planning for your journey as seamless as possible. Please call us for updates and/or notify us if you experience any changes or have new, helpful information.

Getting To Culebra, PA:

Culebra Flight Options:

The easiest way to get to Culebra from the main island of Puerto Rico is to fly. This can be more expensive than taking a ferry, but if you take into account taxi fees, it can average to about the same. Plus, it is much quicker. You can choose to fly out of San Juan Airport or Isla Grande Airport. Many flight packages to Culebra will offer the option of combined booking with your full flight package. You can also book your flights separately via the airline websites.

  • Vieques Airlink (Offers flights from both La Isla Grande Airport and San Juan International Airport)
  • Air Flamenco (Offers flights out of La Isla Grande Airport)
  • Cape Air (Offers flights out of San Juan International Airport)

Ceiba / Culebra Ferry Options:

As an alternative to flying, you can also take a ferry from Ceiba to Culebra. Ferry prices range from $2.00 to $3.00 and is much cheaper than flying. Transportation, however, will need to be arranged in order to get to the ferry dock in Ceiba. Hiring a taxi is usually the easiest way but could cost over $100 just to get there. If you decide to take the ferry, make sure to watch the schedule because it is subject to change. We also encourage you to buy your ferry ticket online at

Getting Around Culebra, PR

Vehicle Rentals:

Both jeep and golf cart rentals are available on Culebra. Please make your reservations in advance to be sure you can get one.


If you decide not to rent a vehicle, you can always call a taxi. Taxis also regularly wait at the ferry dock, airport, and at Flamenco Beach to provide ready access to transportation. Here are a few numbers for taxi service.

  • Acosta Express – Nelson: 787-972-0928
  • Adriano’s Transportation – Adriano: 787-590-1375
  • Angel Transportation – Angel: 787-455-1892
  • Yadiel: 787-306-5696
  • Charlie Transportation – Charlie: 787-407-8186
  • Culebra Island Transportation – Victor: 787-718-1006
  • Dolce Vita IV Taxi – Kenny: 787-449-0598
  • Fontanez Transportation – Miguel: 939-268-9928
  • Independientes – Adrianito: 787-472-4935
  • Nelly: 787-643-7110
  • Jayleen Transportation – Jayleen: 787-514-9205
  • La Jayuyana – Juan: 787-243-6252
  • Miguelito Transportation – Miguelito: 787-473-2594
  • Nata’s Transportation – Nata: 787-969-2863
  • Raul’s Transportation – Raul: 787-358-4816
  • Frida: 787-448-6630
  • Taxi Service – Ranti: 787-645-5355
  • Trinidad’s Transportation – Juan: 787-461-1046
  • Willy’s Transportation – Willy: 787-449-0580
  • Xavier’s Transportation – Xavier: 787-463-0475

Bike Rentals: TBA

Updated 12-24-2020

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